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Ward Brothers Memorial Rowing Park

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About the Park

In 1999, the City dedicated land for the Ward Brothers Memorial Rowing Park, honoring William "Henry" Hank Ward, Joshua "Josh" Ward, Ellis Ward, Gilbert Ward, and Charles Ward of one of the most famous families in the history of the sport of rowing, and who rowed in Newburgh Bay from the 1850s through the 1870s. Josh Ward set world records which still stand to this day. Home to the Newburgh Rowing Club, the boathouse and launch reconnects people to the river in a sport that has renewed popularity.

Newburgh Rowing Club

The mission of the Newburgh Rowing Club is to teach and promote the sport of Rowing. The club offers year round programs that teach the fundamentals of rowing both on water and indoor during the winter season. Membership in the club is open to both children and adults. The minimum age to join is 12 years. In the upcoming seasons the Newburgh Rowing Club will be offering Summer Rowing Camps, a Learn to Row program, Canoeing and Kayaking, and a Masters Row. The Newburgh Rowing Club is actively seeking new members and volunteers to help complete the boathouse project on the Hudson River in the City of Newburgh.

The Newburgh Rowing Club is a not-for-profit corporation that relies heavily upon donations from the residents and the business sector of our surrounding communities. All donations are tax deductible.