Statutory Duties

The City’s Civil Service Commission perfoms legislative, executive and judicial functions:

  • Legislative when making rules which have the force and effect of law
  • Executive when administering the merit system, including determining general policy and establishing internal procedures
  • Judicial when considering appeals from Civil Service Law decisions such as examination, position classification and disciplinary actions

The following outlines some of the statutory duties of the Civil Service Commission:

  • Administer the provisions of the Civil Service Law 
  • Prescribe, amend, and enforce suitable rules covering jurisdictional and position classifications, examinations, appointments, promotions, transfers, resignations and reinstatements
  • Investigate the enforcement and effect of the Civil Service Law and Rules 
  • Certify appropriate titles for new positions 
  • Report to the State Civil Service Commission on how the law and rules are administered 
  • Ascertain the merit and fitness of applicants for competitive class positions 
  • Certify eligible lists for appointments 
  • Assist others in carrying out the duties of public officers 
  • Maintain in detail the employment history of each employee 
  • Certify payrolls