The Sewer Division is established under Article IX of the City Charter and is responsible for administration and enforcement of Chapter 248 of the City Code. The Division is headed by the Superintendent of Public Works, who is appointed by the City Manager. The current Superintendent of Public Works is George Garrison.

The City of Newburgh’s Sewer Department, a division within the Public Works Department, is responsible for operation, maintenance and repair of the City’s sewer collection system. The City’s sewer collection system consists of both combined and separate sewers with mains ranging in size from four inches to seventy-two inches. The City also owns and operates eight sewage pump stations within this collection system.  The Town of Newburgh also contributes flow to the City’s collection system at several metered locations. All sewer flows are directed towards the City’s Wastewater Treatment Plant for treatment before discharge to the Hudson River.

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  1. Public Works Superintendent, George Garrison

    George Garrison

    Superintendent of Public Works

  2. Physical Address
    88 Pierces Road
    Newburgh, NY 12550