Heat Hotline

New York State law requires building owners to provide tenants with adequate levels of heating and hot water. If your landlord fails to provide heat or hot water at the following levels, please call the call the Heat Hotline at 845-569-7495 for an inspection after first attempting to contact the building owner:

  • Heat (during the heating season, October 1 – May 31)
    • Between 6am and 10pm, heat must register at least 68 degrees Fahrenheit when the temperature outside falls below 55 degrees
    • Between 10pm and 6am, heat must register at least 62 degrees 
  • Hot Water (24/7/365)
    • Hot water must register at or above a constant temperature of 120 degrees at the tap 
    • If a tub or shower is equipped with an anti-scald valve that prevents the hot water temperature from exceeding 120 degrees, the minimum hot water temperature for that tub or shower is 110 degrees