Room Occupancy Tax

City of Newburgh Hotel Room Occupancy Tax

This page includes information about the City of Newburgh’s Room Occupancy Tax, including instructions for registering and filing.  

On February 13, 2023, the City of Newburgh’s Council adopted Local Law 2023-1, establishing the City of Newburgh room occupancy tax. Beginning on April 1, 2023 overnight stays at hotels, motels, hosting companies and room remarketers in the City of Newburgh became subject to a 5% City hotel room occupancy tax. This new City tax is separate from and in addition to the 5% Orange County hotel room occupancy tax.  

Any business or individual renting out property or rooms for short-term stays in the City of Newburgh is now required to:  

  1. Register for a Certificate of Authority with the City Comptroller by filling out the Application for Certificate of Authority (PDF)
  2. Collect the 5% tax on all non-exempt stays
  3. Submit room tax return and payment on a quarterly basis to the City. Please view the "Instructions and return of Tax on the occupancy of Hotel and Motel Rooms" before submitting.

City of Newburgh Boundary map (PDF)