Stay Cool This Summer!

The Pool at Delano Hitch is unfortunately closed as we work on designing and building a new Aquatics Center. Newburgh still offers many ways to stay cool!

The Mist Stick at Audrey Carey Park is operational! 

Stop by the park on Liberty Street and Farrington Street. Sprinkler hours are from 12:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Audrey Carey Park on Liberty Street features one of the only splash pads in the city of Newburgh. The city plans to install two splash pads with more features this summer at Xavier Lunan and Tyrone Crabb parks, located on Courtney Avenue and South Street, respectively.

Pop-Up Summer Fun Days Continue!

Beginning on June 27, 2022, and throughout the month of July until Friday, August 5, 2022, the City’s Recreation staff will offer the Summer Fun Days to youth of all ages. The program features a water slide at various City parks and free breakfast/lunch. Children must be accompanied by parents; the program is not a drop-off center.

2022 Summer Fun Days Flyer (JPG)

Head to the Cooling Center on days over 94°

The City of Newburgh automatically designates the Activity Center, at 401 Washington Street, as a Cooling Center when extreme heat temperatures impact the area. All those who need a place to stay cool can access the cooling center between the designated operating hours. Contact staff at 845-565-3230 for up to date info.

Cooling Center (PNG)

Head to an Open Hydrant on days over 90°

Hydrant locations rotate each day. Check the City of Newburgh Facebook for up to date info!

  • South Lander Street and Overlook Place
  • Chambers Street and Farrington Street
  • Third Street and Bush Avenue
  • Mullins Apartments

Cool off fire hydrant

Please remember it is illegal to open a Fire Hydrant without proper training and equipment.  Opening fire hydrants can lower water pressure so firefighters don’t have enough water to put out a fire, potentially putting lives at risk. Children can also be at serious risk because the powerful force of an open hydrant without a sprinkler or spray cap can knock a child down, causing serious injury. The reduction of water pressure resulting from illegally opened hydrants can also cause problems at hospitals and other medical facilities.

A series of open hydrants can cause brown water for residents. When several hydrants are opened at once, the increased speed of the water in the water main can pick up minerals and other sediments that normally settle to the bottom of the pipe. Those sediments end up in toilet bowls and coming out of faucets in area homes and businesses.

Coming Soon!  The City is currently installing Mist Sticks at Tyrone Crabb and Xavier Lunan Park.  Opening Date TBD.

Coming Soon!  The City is designing a full Splash Pad at Delano Hitch to open in 2023!  Stay tuned.


Coming Soon!   The City is designing a new pool complex for the residents to enjoy at Delano Hitch.  We expect the design and construction process could take several years.   Come back here to see updates and designs!