Housing Needs Assessment

In 2021, The Leviticus Fund released its Newburgh Housing Report, which offers data-driven housing policy recommendations, goals and action steps to address the city’s unmet housing needs.

The project page is available at the Leviticus Fund's Website: https://leviticusfund.org/initiatives/

Please follow the City Council for updates on Policy Adoption. 

From the Leviticus Fund:

Two working papers provide the framework for the report, which is based on a year-long study and analysis of Newburgh’s demographic patterns, resident-owned and rental housing conditions, and economic trends. The report benefitted from strong community-level participation from the city’s administration and Newburgh’s Planning Department, coupled with active engagement of residents and community-stakeholders through Zoom discussions, dual language surveys, and one-on-one phone calls.

Working Paper I: Housing Needs Assessment captures and synthesizes all of the quantitative and qualitative data related to the city’s demographic composition, housing conditions and economic trends and is organized in a way to support its usage in strategic planning or competitive funding applications pursued by the city and local nonprofits.

Working Paper II: Housing Policy Framework focuses on the policy themes of Equity, Livability and Vitality. The report identifies these three themes as “interlocking housing needs” and critical building blocks for the city to draft any new housing policies. Within these policy themes, the report provides in-depth recommendations for preventing housing discrimination, racial segregation, and displacement, reducing housing costs, as well as preserving and expanding the city’s affordable housing supply.