City Manager

The City Manager is appointed by the City Council under Article V of the City Charter and is responsible for the City’s day-to-day operations as the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Administrative Officer. The City Manager is responsible to the Council and vested with broad executive authority to enforce the laws of the City, administer the City’s affairs, and implement the will of the Council. The City Manager is responsible to keep the Council advised as to the financial conditions of the City, and is required to prepare and submit to the Council an annual budget. 

The City Manager appoints and removes the heads of all departments; the members of all boards, commissions, and all subordinate officers of the City except as otherwise provided; exercises supervision and control over the administrative departments of City government; and directs the City’s emergency response. 

The City Manager is supported by the Chief of Staff and the Administrative Assistant to the City Manager. The current City Manager is Todd Venning.