Handicap Permits

Handicap Permits are issued by the City Clerks Office. You must be a resident of the City of Newburgh to receive a Handicap Parking Permit from the Newburgh City Clerk

Note: If you would like handicap license plates, you must apply at the Department of Motor Vehicles.

As per the NYS Department of Motor Vehicles, when applying for a Handicap Parking Permit, you must submit a copy of your driver's license or non-driver's id. The last 3 digits of your ID number will be listed on your permit. This is to prevent misuse of the permit and to assist officers in identifying the permit holder.

  • All applications must have a diagnosis written by your Doctor and their signature. All incomplete applications will be not be processed.
  • All applications are good for 2 years at which time a new application must be completed by your Doctor.
  • Having a handicap permit allows the mobility disabled to park in spaces designated for handicapped parking only. A permit may only be used when the disabled person is being transported. Your tag must be displayed and all other parking regulations for the general public must be adhered to.
  • In the City of Newburgh handicapped permit holders must still place money in all parking meters. Only those with a separate NYS Meter Waiver Permit displayed do not have to place money in the meters.
  • Having a Handicap permit does not allow you to stop, stand or park in a handicap parking access aisle (hatch marked areas located next to spaces reserved for the handicapped for wheelchair access) or in fire lanes at any time.