Parking Violations Bureau

Administrative Parking Tribunal

A Parking Violations Bureau is an Administrative Tribunal which can accept pleas and hear and determine charges regarding parking violations. The Parking Violation or Ticket is prima facie evidence, meaning that it stands as written - the issuing officer is not required to appear for hearings. If there is a mandatory element missing or misdescribed, the ticket may be dismissed on request of the respondent. Hearings are held before Hearing Examiners who hear evidence and make final determinations on the charges. All hearings are recorded.

The Parking Violations Bureau is responsible for the enforcement of the City's parking regulations. The Parking Enforcement Officers are authorized to issue violations and write tickets on illegally parked cars.

Also, the City of Newburgh's Parking Violations Bureau is responsible for providing fair and equitable disposition of tickets written for parking violations. The Bureau also provides information and responds to all inquiries directed from the public, collects amounts due, sends late notices, conducts hearings on contested tickets, and follows enforcement procedures against violators with unpaid tickets as allowable by law.