Newburgh Today

Colonial NewburghNewburgh is not just any city for those looking to invest time and energy and money. It is a gem! It has the largest historic district in the state. It has beautifully designed planned neighborhoods like Washington Heights and Colonial Terraces. It has a great scenic park in Downing and a great recreational park in Delano Hitch.

It has a growing arts community to feed the imagination and a remarkably rich collective of civic improvement organizations in which citizen volunteers keep the city moving ahead.

Newburgh is evenly mixed as a finely seasoned ethnic stew in the American melting pot.

This magnificent piece of geography called Newburgh is more than "a pleasant place" on which a town was built. What brought others to our city still exists. There is no longer acreage for every man woman and child as the Palatines were given. But there is still a chance to make what is here beautiful as well as productive for the greatest variety of possibilities now and into the future.

Newburgh Heights Neighborhood