Human Rights Commission

The Human Rights Commission (HRC) is constituted under Chapter 51 of the City Code and consists of seven members appointed by the City Council for three-year terms. The members of the HRC shall elect a Chairperson from among its members who shall serve as such for a period of no longer than three years.

Pursuant to §239(Q) of the General Municipal Law, the HRC is empowered to foster mutual respect and understanding among all racial, religious and nationality groups in the community and to inquire into incidents of tension and conflict among or between various racial, religious and nationality groups and to report complaints to the New York State Division of Human Rights alleging unlawful discriminatory practices.

The HRC does not operate out of an office and does not have the legal power to investigate complaints, conciliate or mediate cases.

Human Rights Day is December 10th, 2023! 
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Ramona BurtonChairperson
Zineb Awad
Shawna BlainCommissioner
Haydee CarrasquilloCommissioner
Laura GarciaCommissioner
Lesly GarciaCommissioner
Malinda WareCommissioner