Distressed Property Task Force

Newburgh created its Distressed Property Task Force to develop a step-by-step process for implementing the City's Vacant Property Revitalization Program, which targets specific areas of vacant and abandoned parcels for reuse or redevelopment through improved code enforcement, creation of the Newburgh Community Land Bank, and a streamlined project review and approval process. Established by Resolution 47-2011 and Resolution 54-2015, the Task Force joins City officials and staff across several municipal departments in a forum where they can pool resources, share expertise, and establish collaborative approaches to achieve results that avoid duplicative efforts.

This work has been generously funded by the New York State Attorney General's Office through the Cities RISE and "Zombie" and Vacant Properties Remediation and Prevention programs.


The City of Newburgh was awarded a Cities RISE grant initially in 2016. Phase I of the grant provided technology and consulting support that has helped make improvements in data integration and analytics. The City is now in Phase II of the grant, a two-year-long intensive organizational development process focused on building capacity to make significant progress in code enforcement strategies through data-driven innovations and community engagement. The City is currently working on developing new practices to address problem properties and code enforcement challenges. As part of the Community Engagement process, the City has partnered with The New York Civic Engagement Table to host a series of focus group meetings and community events to generate input on barriers to equitable code enforcement and develop strategies to help make living conditions in the City of Newburgh safer and healthier for all residents.