Five Year Consolidated Plan 2015 to 2019

HUD requires the City of Newburgh to complete a five-year consolidated plan as a part of its CDBG entitlement funding. The Five Year Consolidated Plan describes the housing and community needs of low and moderate-income residents as well as the strategies and resources the City of Newburgh plan to use to address those needs over a five-year period of time. Community Development is tasked with addressing three HUD objectives:

  1. Provide Decent Housing
  2. Provide Suitable Living Environment
  3. Provide Expanded Economic Opportunity

Public Participant

Public participation is an important component of the planning process and each annual action plan. Community input from residents and key stakeholders provides the City with a set of priorities in framing the plan.

The following documents are also available at the Newburgh Free Library, City Clerk's Office, and the Department of Planning and Development:

Identified Priorities

  • Affordable Housing - Foster and Maintain
  • Anti-Poverty Programs
  • Economic Development
  • Homeless Housing/Services
  • Public Facilities
  • Public Services

Community Input Documents