Local Form of Government

The City of Newburgh is chartered as a municipal corporation and employs a Council-Manager form of local government. Under the City’s Council-Manager system, the Council is a part-time legislative body akin to a “board of directors” and the City Manager is the full-time Chief Executive Officer appointed by the Council and vested with all executive authority to operate the City, subject to Council oversight. The mayor serves in a ceremonial role, and as a member of the Council has one vote and presides over the Council meetings as the “chair of the board.” The City of Newburgh has employed a Council-Manager form of government since 1917 and strengthened the Council-Manager system during the 2011 Charter Review process.

City Court

The City Court of Newburgh is administered by 3 judges who are members of the New York State judicial system. Their selection and appointment are prescribed by the New York State Uniform City Court Act (UCCA) and includes one judge appointed by the City Council, and two judges who are elected citywide. Each judge must be admitted to practice law in New York State for at least 5 years as of the date they commence the duties of the office, and each judge must be a resident of the City of Newburgh. Judges serve ten-year terms.

Related Entities

Newburgh Enlarged City School District

The Newburgh Enlarged City School District (NECSD) is a separate and distinct local body governed by a nine-member board elected by residents of three municipalities: the City of Newburgh, Town of Newburgh, and Town of New Windsor. The School District also operates the Newburgh Free Library. The City exercises no oversight authority nor has any financial responsibility for school district operations. Pursuant to NYS law, unpaid school taxes are re-levied and collected by the City.

Newburgh Housing Authority

The Newburgh Housing Authority (NHA) was established by an act of the New York State Legislature to provide quality housing for low-income families and senior citizens under the Federal Housing Act of 1936. Five members of the NHA board are appointed by the City Manager, and two are elected as tenant representatives. The City exercises no oversight nor has any financial responsibility for housing authority operations.

Industrial Development Agency

The City of Newburgh Industrial Development Agency (IDA) is a public benefit corporation created under Title 2, Article 18-A of the NYS General Municipal Law to advance the City Council’s interests and prerogatives by promoting the economic welfare, recreation opportunities, and prosperity of the City’s inhabitants. The IDA is governed by a seven-member board appointed by the City Council, and each member serves at the pleasure of the Council. The IDA members have complete responsibility for management of the agency and accountability for its fiscal matters.