Department Overview

The City of Newburgh Fire Department (CNFD) is an active department of 54 uniformed officers and 7 non-sworn staff. All firefighters have passed civil service exams, rigorous training, and physical fitness requirements before entering the fire service with the City of Newburgh. The City operates two fire houses: one located at 22 Grand street (HQ), and another at 492 Broadway serving over 28,000 residents over 3.8 square miles. The City of Newburgh fire department is a fully-paid career (professional) department. CNFD apparatus includes: 4 engines, 2 100-foot ladders, 1 fire boat, 1 fire alarm truck, 1 investigation van, 2 pickup trucks, and 7 staff vehicles. 

Calls for Service

In 2022, fire department fielded 3,172 calls for service. This included responding to 52 building fires, 934 calls for rescue & emergency medical service, and 959 false alarm/false calls.