Census & Demographics

  • City Population Estimate (2015): 34,293
  • US Census Population Estimate (2010): 28,866

Factors in Population

Certain factors make populations more prone to undercounting by the U.S. Census Bureau. Smaller communities, communities with large Hispanic populations, communities with large black populations, communities with large undocumented populations, communities with a large percentage of renters, foreign-born populations, and communities with low median ages (and therefore more children), are all especially susceptible to undercounting by the U.S. Census. Newburgh has all of these factors, therefore the City tries to provide alternative population counts that may show a better range of who is in Newburgh. We do this not to dispute any official numbers, but instead to try to set benchmarks on how policies and programs change the population and the make-up of the population in Newburgh. More information is linked below.

Therefore the City estimates population based on the number of Housing Units, which we actively count and track internally. In 2015, there were 11,098 housing units, and the average household size in Newburgh is 3.09, therefore our 2015 population estimate is 34,293.