Disposition of City Property

The City of Newburgh Disposition policies and procedures govern transactions involving publicly owned property. They provide for transparency so that everyone involved understands the rules.

  • All properties are sold as-is
  • All prospective purchasers are required to complete a Private Owner Development Application (PODA) (PDF)
  • The final and formal decision for disposition of any and all City-owned, surplus real property lies

    solely with the City Council

Properties are available directly from the City, its realtor (River Realty Services Inc.), or the RFP process. 

City-Owned Properties for Sale from the City

Information sheets on other currently available City-owned properties that are not listed through River Realty but are available for sale through the City of Newburgh's Planning and Development Department.

Please be aware that the minimum purchase prices and a property's availability are subject to change at any time. The City will only accept applications for purchase for properties that are listed as "available".

City-Owned Properties for Sale through River Realty Service Inc.

Some City-owned properties are listed exclusively through River Realty Services, Inc. For property information on current listings, please contact River Realty at 845-564-2800 or view their City-owned property listings.

City-Owned Properties for Sale through Request for Proposals (RFP)

Some properties are offered for sale only through an RFP.  These properties have very specific requirements for redevelopment. Current RFPs are available on the RFQs and Property RFPs page.

Transfer of Municipal Property to the Newburgh Industrial Development Agency

Real property held by the City of Newburgh for a municipal purpose and, in the opinion of the Council, no longer needed for any municipal purpose may be sold or conveyed to the City of Newburgh Industrial Development Agency under the provisions of City Charter §16.04