History of Our Police Shield

The police shield worn to this day by the patrol officers of the City of Newburgh is the third version of the original.

First Model

The first model was worn from the formation of the department until 1915 when it was changed to resemble the present-day design. This badge was originally made by the C.G. Braxmar Company (NYC), and it was patterned after the City of Brooklyn Police Department, which was a separate municipality prior to the consolidation of several cities and villages which now form the City of New York.

Second Model

The model currently issued is made by the Smith and Warren Badge Company of White Plains, NY.

Third Version

The model currently issued is a depiction of the Hasbrouck House, where then General Washington resided during the winter of 1782 to 1783 while the Continental Army was encamped at the Cantonment located in nearby New Windsor. From this place, General Washington authorized the issuance of the Purple Heart, and thwarted a potential mutiny of army officers, now commonly known as the "Newburgh Conspiracy."

Past as well as current members of the City of Newburgh Police Department are very proud of the uniqueness of our custom shield. It is a one-of-a-kind and nothing similar to it is known to exist. Although there have been discussions over the years to adopt a more traditional modern-day police shield, in the end, the decision is always made to retain this version.

1st Version of Police Shield
2nd Version of Police Shield
3rd Version of Police Shield