Police Department PhotoThe City of Newburgh Police Department (CNPD) is an active department of 64 sworn officers and 15 non-sworn staff. All officers have passed civil service exams, rigorous training, and physical fitness requirements before entering a patrol car for duty. After academy training, officers participate in field training where they spend several months with seasoned field training officers learning about department policies and procedures, as well as learning about the City of Newburgh itself.

Calls for Service

In 2022, officers fielded 34,205 calls for service. This is the equivalent of approximately one call for service for every resident of the city. Call for service volume in 2022 was above the three-year average. This included 20,373 public-generated calls for service from sources such as 911, direct emergency phone lines, and walk-in complaints. Public-generated calls for service showed a 1.9% reduction in volume compared to 2021 levels. Additionally, City of Newburgh Police officers initiated 13,832 proactive entries in 2022. This includes activities like traffic stops, premise checks, and foot patrols among other activities. This was a 95% increase over 2021 volume and accounted for 40% of the Department's calls for service entries for the year.

Crime Reports

The City of Newburgh Police Department submits information pertaining to the Uniform Crime Report systePolice Department Logom monthly to the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services. The Uniform Crime Report (UCR) dictates reporting standards for crimes. The first part of the UCR, known as the Part One crimes, covers the major Violent Crimes of Murder, Rape, Robbery, and Aggravated Assault, along with the major Property Crimes of Burglary (Residential and Commercial), Larceny, and Motor Vehicle Theft. The City of Newburgh experienced 1,032 Part One crimes in 2022. This was a 4% increase in total Part One crime compared to 2021.

Violent Crime

The City experienced a 9% reduction in Violent Crime in 2022 compared to 2021. Violent Crime in 2022 was below both the five-year average and the ten-year average. The Violent Crime subcategories showed mixed results. Homicides experienced an increase of 50% with three total incidents, one more than in2021. Homicides accounted for the smallest percentage of Part One crimes in the City. Rape experienced a 24% increase in 2022 with four additional incidents compared to 2021. Robbery and Aggravated Assault both ended 2022 with reductions. Robbery yielded a 20% decrease for the year, while Aggravated Assaults decreased by 8%.

Property Crime

The City experienced an increase in Property Crime in 2022 (11%). Residential Burglaries experienced a significant reduction of 35% compared to 2021, while Commercial Burglaries experienced an increase by 24%. Larceny-Theft had the highest volume of incidents of all Part One crimes and yielded a 14% increase in 2022 with 69 additional incidents. The City saw high numbers of thefts from inside motor vehicles during the year. Motor Vehicle Theft levels in 2022 were the highest figures in years and saw a 49% increase. Many vehicles were left running and unattended when they were stolen, contributing to the high rate of thefts.

Gun Violence

Gun Violence in the City of Newburgh is under constant examination by the Police Department. Firearm related Violent Crime experienced an 18% reduction in 2022 compared to 2021. While Homicides experienced an increase, firearm related Aggravated Assaults and Robberies both experienced reductions. Firearm related Aggravated Assault produced a reduction of 23% in 2022, which included a 6% reduction in shooting victims. Gunpoint Robberies had a 10% reduction. Confirmed Shots Fired cases increase 10% in 2022, but firearm related calls for service decreased by 16%.