Autocad Standards

Please note that the following details have been developed using the City of Newburgh designated plot style.

Would you rather have the details plot with your plot style? We have you covered! Check out the tutorial that we developed by clicking here to help you out. You will need the layer states file we created, CNBDetails.las. This process is pretty cut and dry, then you should be good to have our details look good on your drawings. Let us know if you have any issues, we will do our best to help you out if we are able.

Site Plan Notes

Streetscape Standards Details

Before you download any details, it is highly recommended that you refer to the City's Streetscape Standards, here, and ensure you understand where in the City your project is located. This mainly refers to whether the project location is within the East End Historic District or not.


Within the East End Historic District

Elsewhere in the City

The materials specified within the East End Historic District are strongly encouraged in addition to the following:

Water & Sewer Details & Notes

Erosion & Sediment Control Details & Notes

Planting Details & Notes

ADA Details & Notes

The following details and notes shall be added to all drawings in which an ADA curb ramp in the public R.O.W. is proposed. Additionally, the ADA Curb Ramp Design and Layout - Preferred Standards shall be included as part of the curb extensions.

  • ADA Curb Ramp Design and Layout - Preferred (DWG)
  • ADA Notes (DWG)
  • ADA ADA Critical Elements Table (DWG)
  • ADA Inspection Methods Notes (DWG)