Our Water System

Our water system serves approximately 30,000 people through 6,675 service connections. We have more than 75 miles of water mains ranging from 4 inches in diameter all the way up to 30 inches in diameter. More than 800 fire hydrants and approximately 3,500 gate valves are used to turn off water mains in cases of water main breaks or other emergency situations.

2018 Water Production

The total water produced in 2018 was approximately 1.4 billion gallons. The daily average of water treated and distributed was 3.9 million gallons and the highest single-day was 5.2 million gallons. The amount of water delivered to customers was approximately 817 million gallons. The difference between the water produced and delivered can be attributed to several factors including, but not limited to, main flushing, firefighting, leaks, unauthorized use, and other nonmetered uses.

City-Wide Leak Detection Survey

The City of Newburgh Water Department annually conducts a city-wide leak detection survey. The leaks detected by this survey, are promptly repaired which prevents wasted water from leaks and helps continue our efforts to keep costs down for our customers.Lake Washington Map

New Water Usage Meters

Additionally, the city has replaced older water meters and installed new radio-reading remote devices citywide to help record water usage more accurately and to help reduce our percentage of unaccounted-for water. With this new technology, we can read the entire city in seven hours which allows us to read more frequently in between our billing cycles so we can inform our residents of high usages caused by leaks.

Lake Washington, off Little Britain Road in New Windsor, forms part of the City of Newburgh's reservoir system under the jurisdiction of the City of Newburgh Water Department. Fishing and recreational programs are administered by the Recreation Department.