Vacant Buildings

Regulations Include Penalties

A city ordinance revised in January 2006 mandates the following:

  • Within 30 days of a building becoming vacant, its owner must provide the Office of Codes Compliance with his or her name, address, email address, and telephone number.
  • If not a resident of the City of Newburgh, the Town of New Windsor or the Town of Newburgh, the owner must designate a managing agent who resides or maintains an office within the above communities. The same contact information must be provided for the managing agent.
  • By January 31 of every year, property owners must pay an annual fee of $900 to cover the cost of biweekly inspections of their buildings.
  • If a building fails inspection, the owner will be notified and will have 7 days from the receipt of notice to correct the condition.
  • If the condition is not taken care of within a designated time, the City will correct it and send the bill to the property owner

For more information, contact the Codes Compliance Office.

Report a vacant property (PDF) here.