Reporting Code Violations

Complaints About Property Conditions

If you have a complaint or concern about property conditions, contact the Department of Codes Compliance at 569-7400. Report a vacant property (PDF) here or use the SeeClickFix webpage or application.

Heat Hotline

This innovative program not only helps residents in the City with heating emergencies during the winter but also makes negligent landlords more accountable for their properties.

Here's how it works: Tenants should always attempt to contact their landlord to notify them of a problem. If they get no response from their landlord contact the Codes Compliance office through the Heat Hotline Phone Number: 569-7495.

Upon receipt of a call on the Heat Hotline, Codes Compliance officers investigate and notify the property owner if a heating emergency exists. If the landlord does not address the problem within a set amount of time, the City calls a contracted vendor to make the repairs, and sends the bill to the landlord.